Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It is sooooo quiet around here in the evenings. I told the Dr. that I thought Bob was much quieter then he ever has been. He has always been a quiet man but we would "talk" in the evenings as we watch TV.
 The Dr explained that if you ask him a question he can answer it, if  has something to say he can say it, but what he can't do is go into his head and pull out something to start a random conversation.
So tonight I was just making small talk and said 
It was nice to see Jim and Glennis today.
Him--Yep- Jim isn't doing so good thou. Did I hear he had Alzheimer's? 
Me- Yes- he does.
Him--  (after a minute of silence he said) Do you think I'll ever get that?  I heard that more people in Montana get that. Jim went to Montana a lot. 
Me- I have never heard that before.
Him-- Oh yea-- Thats what all the professional's are saying.

Wonder "who" the professional's are?  :)
Such a strange disease.

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