Monday, February 9, 2015


Sorry for the lengthy silence. I have been struggling with decisions that need to be made and my own personal demons about them.
Bobs decline and current behaviors are ever changing but the last few weeks it has been almost shocking to see the changes. Not being able to communicate anything but the jumbled word salad (as I call it)  has made things even more difficult.
He had his home health assessment this past week and I am waiting for the finalized report to give to prospective Residential Care Homes.  Bob did not do well on the testing and of course he really hasnt done well on it in a very long time.
After evaluating Bob and testing him they said there were several options available at this time but they highly recommended the Residential Care. Assisted living was decided against because he eats things he shouldnt and also of his toileting problem. They thought it would not be in his best interest to be unsupervised for any length of time. Home care was also an option but the Social Service worker thought the house was much to small for this to be a convenient option. Their theory was that Bob would still be trying to rely on me for help and refuse others if he could see me. Which I know is probably true.
That leaves the residential care home or Nursing Home.. The thought is to start with the least restrictive care of the Residential and then the nursing home if they have a problem with his combative nature.
All of these decisions have left me with a knot in my stomach and a very heavy heart.

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