Monday, September 22, 2014

The Walk

When Our first Grandson was born Bob doted on him. He was his little buddy. He would pick him up as infant and walk down the sidewalk to the end of the block talking to him and "showing" him different things. Me- the always worrying Gramma would say-- "dont you take him to far"
  As Carrson learned to walk he would wrap his little fingers around Bobs and they would take their walk that way. Bob hunched over holding onto Carrson's  little fingers and giving him balance.
 Bob would pick him up so that Carr could reach leaves in the giant Maple tree down the block. They would count fence posts and admire a few cars and trucks.
 As Carr got a little older Bob would walk ,while Carr rode his tricycle. They never failed to take their "walks".
 The tables have turned . Carrson is now 6 1/2 years old and he is the one taking Grandpa for the walk.  As they left I said. "Dont take him to far"......Young Carr said.." I wont Gramma.."

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