Wednesday, September 17, 2014


In the last few months I notice more and more the "anger" Bob has. I see it- and I get it. If I was the one losing control over a life that I had controlled with precision, I'm pretty sure I would be angry too.  That set jaw he gets when he is mad seems like a permanent fixture.  The (not so nice) hand gestures I see him using when he thinks I'm not looking, also seem to be happening more and more.  Although he cant seem to carry on a conversation that is more then a few sentences long he has full blown whispering arguments with himself.
I dont know why I thought I would get through this without the tantrums, attitude, anger and belligerence. After all, I've heard story after story about others loved ones personality changes.
 I thought maybe Bob's kind spirit and gentle nature would shine through.  He was such a warm caring soul. The mind and the soul... they are obviously different. They can live in the same body- but  they are oh so different.
 I miss Old Bob...

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  1. My Mom, too, was full of anger. I often wondered if the anger grew out of all the frustration at everything not being "right".