Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Healthy and Happy?

Today was such a strange day. We went to the Neurologists office for Bob's checkup and wellness check. These visits usually consist of a set of questions that they  have used over the last few years to measure Bobs cognitive impairment. Today they told me that they would no longer give him those tests because-- well-- when the memory is that bad-- the tests just don't do much but upset him.
We are now just doing our best to keep Bob healthy and happy. I dont know why, maybe I was just having an emotional day. But this just hit me hard after we got home. I felt like they were telling me that it was over.. Like there is no hope.  It made me sad.. and yet I knew for Bobs sake I should be glad.
He hated those tests. He worried about them.
I will shake this feeling of doom off and embrace his bodies health and his mental happiness. Because really he is..
If he didnt have Alzheimers.. his body is healthy.. and he is happy.. and thats all that matters. Right?

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  1. Seems like things are moving fast now with RJ. I am so sorry Lori
    Big hugs