Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Over the years Bob and I spent a lot of time on the lakes around our area. The bass boat is still here and I have been trying to figure out what to do with it and its contents.
 What I mean by contents is the  thousands of pieces of tackle, Poles, reels and what not. Bob's fishing supplies could easily stock Walmart's shelves for several months. I'm guessing a yard sale will eventually be in order.
 I mentioned this to Bob who agreed that we will need to sort through it. Sounds like a good summer project.
In the mean time, I found a box of old vintage lures so I set Bob at the desk with the Lures and a book we purchased for identifying and "pricing" them. In the bottom of the box he found an old VHS tape full of " Fishing with Bill Dance" shows he had taped.
I said what do you have there? He said Tapes of my best friend fishing. I said who's that. He said Bill Dance. He was my Best friend before he passed away.
(  #1 I know he has never met Bill Dance----and #2..pretty sure OL' Bill is still alive and kickin)

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