Friday, March 28, 2014

My Quest

In my Quest to keep Bob's mind active and his body busy I decided to "employ" him as a "bead" sorter.. I gave him a box of what I call "Willy Nilly"s" that friends & family pick up for me when they see them at a Sale, yard sale, estate sale etc.... I gave him the box of ziploc bags and said-- here -- will you please sort these by color?  Just make a Pile for each one.
What was I thinking?
I came out 5 minutes later and he had each bag dumped- and if they were on a string- cut- and if they were in tube- emptied-- In to a Shoe box... He had a toothpick and was stabbing each individual bead and putting it in an envelope according to color--

Well-- I guess thats what I asked--Right?  WWWAAAAAAA....--Note to self-- Be more "Precise" with directions--or-- sort your own beads.

But-- It did keep him busy. and his mind working- maybe I should put them back in the shoe box and have him do it again?

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