Monday, February 3, 2014

Puppy Chow

I am trying to make sure Bob has a list of Do-able chores-- They say it is good to keep  Dementia/Alzheimer's patients busy and to have a routine.
For the past few weeks I have  had Bob feed Lightning--  Our Wolf dog...Up until a few days ago he was doing a pretty good job.
The past 3 nights in a row she has let me know ( any of you that have ever had a dog will know what I mean) that the job was not done properly.. When Lightning started "poking" me I asked Bob-- "Did you feed her?"
" Of course" He said- "I think she already ate it."

Um-Dont think she ate yet--Guess she is suppose to pop that top on her own? Maybe mix it up with her dry food too. Guess maybe that will now be another "Lets do this together chore". I'm sure Lightning would appreciate that--LOL.


  1. I absolutely love Lightning's colors! I love all shades of gray. Thanks for sharing her.


  2. I love her colors too Jan.. She looks pretty good for an ol' dog doesnt she--?She turns 15 in April..

  3. Lightning is gorgeous....... 15 in April?? She looks fantastic!!