Sunday, December 8, 2013

Will it ever End

This cold snap! We have been in the Minus-- sub-frikkin-zero temps for at least 5 days now. It keeps us house bound and the cabin fever sets in.
Normally we would go for a long walk everyday but with these temps We usually just make it around the block before Bob decides he has had enough and we bring our stinging eyes- running noses- and bright red cheeks back in to "Thaw".  
Yesterday as we went around the block I found the source of a "Yapping" that we have been hearing for 2 days. A little Mixed breed beagle ( I think)  that some moron has chained to his deck. Water frozen, no bed to lie on and shivering cold- I came home and called Animal control- About 2 hours later we could no longer hear the yapping.
On this mornings walk we noticed the dog was no longer on the chain. If animal control has him-- he will find a good home- Our shelter has very few dogs and many people wanting them. If the idiot who had the dog and left him out was just given a warning and the dog was brought in-- I'll be watchin you! Better treat that Pup right. I told Bob-- I see that dog out there for that long again its coming home with us.. He said-- "Lets take two."

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