Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Stress and Distress

 My thoughts are jumbled. Either Bob is rubbing off on me or I am on "overload". Stress from the upcoming holidays, or maybe even just everyday things.  I need to go gift shopping but cant catch a minute alone and I hate dragging Bob from store to store anymore.
 I did do quite a bit of Online shopping but that also means standing in line for shipping. Another thing Bob doesnt do well and trusting him to just stay in the jeep while I am in there is not a good idea.
 I did get 100% of my customer orders filled and shipped so I am feeling pretty good about that.
 My Christmas tree is up, the house is decorated - Minus the outside lights this year.
This cold is kicking my rear so maybe I am just living in a Medicine fog right now --and  Maybe-- Just Maybe--I'll feel like super woman next week. Breathe Deep-- still 3 weeks to go- Plenty of Time!

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