Thursday, December 5, 2013

How much snow does a leaf blower blow

It is cold-- The kind of cold that hurts you right down to your bones. I think the weatherman said to expect  1 degree with a windchill of Minus 17. Today I cleaned floors and while I was doing that Bob was taking the garbages out for me- I told him- Make sure you put on your coat and gloves --Its really really cold-- I got the floor mopped and headed to the bathroom--got it mopped and came back to the deck to see what he was doing-- there he was- In a T-shirt- and slippers. The Garbage was done but he was standing out there tinkering with the leaf blower--  I opened the door and Yelled-- Babe get in here before you freeze your A$$ off... He yelled back-- I will as soon as I get this snow blower running.

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