Thursday, November 7, 2013

Afraid Of Being Afraid

Every few days Bob has a Panic or anxiety attack. I dont know what brings them on, but when they happen it's not just awful for him- It's awful for me. Its so hard to watch him struggle. He cries- but tries to hide it- He scribbles notes in his notebook like he is trying to remember or maybe remind himself of something later.  As soon as I know they are coming I will give him one of his meds the Neurologist prescribed. Most times If I give them soon enough the panic will only last an hour or so. If Not- well they last for hours. I'm learning to NOT wait just because I don't like to "dope" him. Its a necessary thing whether I like it or not. This note that he scribbled out -- just lets you in on a little of how "afraid" he really is at times.  As you can see-- he is really starting to struggle with writing and spelling.   So many little notes- scribbled in a Panicked  frenzy. My heart aches for him.

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