Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Skunk Bunk

Got up at 7:00Am-- ( yea- I know Late again)- and looked out the window and there was a "lump" in our yard- It was still kind of dark and I didn't have my glasses on so I couldn't tell what it was..LOL.. Got my glasses and went to the front door and the "lump" was 4 Skunks.. Bob wanted to "shoot" the skunks-- I told him NO-- we live in city limits now-- you cant "shoot" anything.. Then he says- I wont shoot them-- I;ll just shoot the gun and scare them.. Okay- LOL.. Cant shoot in city limits, and I sure dont want them to "spray".
He says- No one will hear it this early in the morning-- 
Needless to say-- the guns are stored away under lock and key---and the skunks made safe passage through our neighborhood.
Now-- someone please tell me why we have a HUGE population of skunk all of a sudden.
Tonight Bob actually remembered the Skunks and said-- "maybe I should sit outside and shoot them as they come in-- UM- Hello?-- same situation as this morning--
 "Holster that gun Wyatt Earp- Ya still cant shoot in town."

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